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Wording Suggestions

Having trouble coming up with the right wording for your invitation? We know you want it to be just right. Below, sorted by occasion, are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. Use them exactly as they are or modify them to suit your taste.

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Birth Announcements

Our tiny treasure, more precious than gold, has captured our hearts, forever to hold. Two little darlings instead of one, mean twice the joy and twice the fun.
Welcome aboard. We welcome with love...
He's sweet, he's cute. He's simply adored. He's the new baby boy, we've welcomed aboard. Tom and Sandy announce after long anticipation and lots of preparation, It's time for celebration.
Tony and Lisa want you to share in the joy of the birth of... Rattles and toys. Thank heaven for little boys.
Our precious miracle. Our new family member...
First round draft pick. Joyfully announcing...
This is only a little card it's true but it brings big news of someone new! We proudly announce the birth of our daughter.
Our little princess. Our little slugger.
We proudly announce the arrival of... God's precious gift of love.
Katie and Lisa have a new hand to hold. Sugar and spice and everything nice.
We have been blessed with... We joyfully announce the adoption of...
A dream come true...a little girl. Our special delivery has arrived.
We counted our blessings, thankful for one. Now we have two, double the fun! Mom can't wait to share her joys. Dad can't wait to share his toys.
Our flock is growing...lots of crowing as you might guess. Our pride is showing. Star light, star bright, a dream of ours come true tonight.
Sweet as candy, good as gold. Our little angel, a miracle to hold! Someone tiny, someone sweet we would like for you to meet.
A Christmas angel has arrived. A holiday arrival.
During this very special season as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. God blessed us with a baby of our own. The nursery was packed with blankets and toys, all it lacked was a bundle of joy. Now it's complete...we have a boy.

Abstract Girl Baby Shower Invitation

Abstract Girl Baby Shower Invitation

A beautiful pink design, the Abstract Girl, is perfect for a birth announcement or baby shower.

Baby Shower

They're expecting a baby, a new bundle of joy; a very special gift, be it a girl or boy!
It's A Baby Shower! Bottles and booties, diapers and pins this is where the love begins!
Heard the forecast? A baby is predicted but first there will be a shower! Please join us at a Baby Shower for Lisa We have the formula for fun! A Baby Shower for Kelly. We're expecting you
A brand new baby is on the way so let's celebrate with a special day. Let's Shower Her with Love . . . You're invited to a Baby Shower for Karen
It's a Baby Shower! Please join us in celebrating the upcoming arrival of Anne's new baby. Please join us for a Baby Shower in honor of the expectant mother, Nicole.
In the pink or in the blue? If Jim and Nickey only knew! Your invited to a couples Baby Shower for Karen and Michael.
A surprise shower in honor of Kathy. A special shower for baby Hunt and Judy.
A new little Jones is on the way. Please come to a shower for Heather. Everybody should have parents like Joe and Linda. Please come to her Baby Shower.

Sugar Photo Cookie

Sugar Photo Cookie

Every one of our Photo Cookies is direct printed; we do not use rice or paper wafers. The result is better color, better detail and better taste. As you can see from the image aboce, the printing covers the entire cookie. It's a little more expensive and takes more time, but the result is worth it.

Bridal Shower

Please join us for the Bridal Shower honoring...
Here comes the bride. Come celebrate Lisa's Bridal Shower.
Sue and Tom are soon to be wed
You are invited to a Wedding Shower for the couple
Before they take the plunge join us for a wedding shower for Karen and Bob
Let's wrap up our best wishes and shower the bride with love!
It started with a kiss,
and now it's come to this:
Jill and Alex are getting married!
We’re all grown up
but still giggling with glee
as we gather to honor
the sweet bride-to-be
All dressed up in our finery and pearls We remember the time as little girls
We giggled and curtsied and longed for the day when our parties would be real and not just play
To the blushing bride it's all hearts and flowers!
A sunny future begins with a shower . . . Help us start Ericka off with a soaker
Samantha and Chris are getting married! Celebrate at her Bridal Shower.
We're having a Bridal Shower for Jill. Come join in the fun.
We're having a Bridal Shower. Join Heather and Dan in the beginning of their new life together.
Nickey's got something to celebrate. She's getting married and we're having a Bridal Shower.
Come celebrate the upcoming marriage of Scott and Tonya at their Bridal Shower.
It's a Bridal Shower for Joy and you're invited!

Long Stem Red Rose Bridal Shower Invitation

Long Stem Red Rose Bridal Shower Invitation

Your Long Stem Red Rose Bridal Shower Invitations can be personalized in any way that you desire with your choice of typestyles and ink color. You'll also find matching response cards, thank you cards and candy bar wrappers.

Children's Birthday

A special birthday wish for a special birthday boy.
Hey, hey, hey...come clown around at Sally's birthday party.
Treats and fun, come celebrate Stacy's special day.
It's a birthday celebration, come enjoy the fun.
Jim is blowing out the candles. Want to share the cake?
Our little slugger is turning three, come celebrate with us.)
It's a birthday celebration.
Happy birthday!
Birthdays are meant to be shared.
It's a party!
Our little princess is turning five, come join the fun.
Clowns bring giggles, clowns bring fun, come help us toast our birthday boy.
It's my birthday!
Come have a wild time.
We're having a party - It'll be so much fun, come over to celebrate.
Dainty slippers, a precious face, a special event is taking place.

Balloons and Streamers Birthday Party Invitation

Balloons and Streamers Birthday Party Invitation

Our Balloons and Streamers Birthday Party Invitations is one of our most popular designs. Great for 'kids' of ALL ages.

Adult Birthday

Holy Cow . . . John is 40!
We're in the Mo. to party so help us put him out to pasture with a Birthday Party
We're laying the youth of our dear friend to rest,
Won't you come pay your last respects?
Ol' Ken is moseyin' over the hill
Join us as we respectfully lay to rest his youth
With age comes perfection.
Life begins at 50.
Lordy, lordy, looks who's forty.
Nifty, nifty, Karen's fifty.
Mid-life crisis party. Mike is turning 40.
Over the hill and proud of it!
Say it ain't so . . . Kim is gonna be the Big 4-0!
She said "A party, no way!"
But we talked it over and we're having one anyway!
Help us teach this old dog new tricks!
Come celebrate a birthday for and oldie but a goodie.
Join in the party. Jack is turning 40!
Judy's turning thirty and doesn't want you to know it. We're having a surprise party so please don't blow it!
Surprises are really such fun. You won't want to miss this one! Join us for Tom's surprise party.

Golf Tee Birthday Party Invitation

Golf Tee Birthday Party Invitation

A Golf Tee Birthday Party Invitation can be used whether you're going golfing that day or not. A golf lover will appeciate the thought.


Congratulations to the Graduate.
David did it! Come celebrate with us.
Many miles traveled and a lot of knowledge gained. Come celebrate Scott's graduation.
Please join us for David's graduation from Glenbard West.
Debbie's got a reason to celebrate. She's a graduate.
All the hard work has paid off. Karen's a graduate.

Graduation Caps Invitation

Graduation Caps Invitation

What says 'Graduation' better than our Graduation Caps Invitation? You'll also find matching response cards, thank you cards and candy bar wrappers.


Help us celebrate love and new life as we dedicate our Kim to God Kim and John joyfully invite you to share with them the Christening of their son Kenneth David
Please share in our blessing Join us as we celebrate the Baptism of Kimberly Ann. "I have held thee in the palm of mine hand." Isaiah 51:16
Please join us as our daughter Jill is Baptized
Our darling little angel was sent from heaven above. Please celebrate her baptism and surround her with your love This precious gift from heaven above will be welcomed into Christ's family with love. You are invited to attend the christening of Stacey
A Child is God's Most Precious Gift Jack and Karen invite you to witness the Christening of Nicole Our baby is a blessing who is as beautiful as can be . . . come help us welcome her into God’s family!
A child is a precious gift from God and baptism is God's gift wrapping On this day we place our child in God's care forevermore
Please join us for the Christening of our daughter. Please join in the Baptism of Sheila Michelle.
Come and rejoice with the Smith family on the occasion of Jonathan's Baptism. Jim and Nickey invite you to share in the joy of the Christening of their daughter Kathryn.

Response Cards/RSVP Card

We often get asked 'What does the M stand for?' The M, as in M_______________________, is the abbreviation for Mr./Mrs./Miss for your guest to fill in their name on your RSVP card before sending it back.

We have several affordable custom response cards to choose from ranging from simple to formal.

For tips on response card etiquette, read our Response Card Etiquette article.

We would be honored by your presence at our celebration.
Please RSVP by April 18, 2009.

Name of Guests:_______________________
Number of Guests to Attend Wedding Ceremony_____
Number of Guests to Attend Reception______

Sorry, we will be unable to attend______

We look forward to celebrate with you.
Please reply by April 20th 2010.


Number attending________

A favored reply is requested
before September 21, 2009


____ accept with pleasure

number adults attending _______
number children attending______

____decline with regret

Jennifer and Tom's Wedding
The favor of a reply is requested by Twenty-fifth September



Number attending _____ Unable to attend _____


Number attending _____ Unable to attend _____

A favored reply is requested
Before October 12th, 2009

M _____________________________
will _____ attend

Please indicate number of persons for each entrée

____ Chicken Entrée
____ Vegetarian Entrée

The favor of a reply
is requested by August 14, 2009


Will attend_____ Will not attend_____

Please indicate your meal choices:

Chicken ____ Vegetarian ____

We would be honored by your presence at our celebration.
The favor of your reply is requested by July 15, 2008.

Names of Guests:_________________

Number of Guests to Attend Wedding Ceremony _____
Number of Guests to Attend Reception _____

Sorry, we will be unable to attend _____

We will be glad to have your presence
in our joyous moments.

Please respond on or before April 20, 2009

I/We cannot attend _____
I/We will attend _______ Number of guests_____




We look forward to celebrating with you at
our wedding.

Please RSVP by August 1, 2009
by calling the Johnson residence at 555-3302

We would be honored by your presence
at our Wedding Ceremony.
Please RSVP by
September 25th, 2001 by mail or through the

We request the pleasure of your company
at the wedding celebration for

Amy and Mark

Please RSVP by August 18, 2008

Name __________________________

Number Attending : Adults ____ Children _____
Seafood____ Vegetarian____

Not able to attend___

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